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Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Understanding Healthcare Objectives

Medical transcription is the process of converting the audio records of the patient-healthcare professional encounter into text format, while maintaining accuracy, turnaround time, and security and providing the service at low costs. To this end this process is a vital function for effective healthcare, taking care of both the need for information and starting the receivables cycle.

For such a vital function to be effective it is important that the process of creating medical records should be outsourced to a service provider who understands the aims of healthcare. The aim of healthcare is as follows:

  1. Safe: This means much more than the ancient maxim, “Do no harm”, which makes it the individual’s responsibility to be extra careful. It means safety should be a property of healthcare, and nobody should ever be harmed by healthcare again.
  2. Effective: It should match healthcare to science; avoid overuse of ineffective care and under use of effective care.
  3. Patient centered: Healthcare should be patient oriented and the individual patient’s culture and social context specific needs, deserve respect. The patient should play an important role in his/her own care.
  4. Timely: Reduce waiting time for both patients and those providing care. This benefits both the patient and the caregiver.
  5. Efficient: The health care system should be efficient, constantly seeking to reduce the waste and hence the cost of supplies, equipment, space, capital, ideas, time, and opportunities.
  6. Equitable: Race, gender, ethnicity or income should not affect the quality of healthcare provided. All healthcare services should be equitable.

Understanding the aims of the healthcare facility and understanding the constraints under which the healthcare facility has to work to achieve these aims, helps the medical transcription service provider come up with better solutions.

How does a professional service provider help a healthcare facility achieve its’ goals?

  • By maintaining high levels of accuracy: This means that the integrity of the information about the patient’s health and treatment is captured accurately during the transcription process. This enables both the safety of treatment and efficiency of the treatment plan.
  • By maintaining speedy turnaround time: The process of healthcare is largely dependent on timely information. Outsourced services ensure that the turnaround time is maintained and this in turn ensures that information is available on a timely basis.
  • By maintaining low costs: Outsourcing helps the healthcare facility reduce cost of transcription thus ensuring that wastage is curbed.
  • By making the information secure: By making sure that medical transcription is executed through secure channels, the patients’ right to confidentiality is maintained.
  • By using technology that is advanced but easy to use: Using the right technology enables medical transcription that is timely, frees up the time of the healthcare professionals, decreases wastage of resources, keeps information safe. All these benefits help the healthcare facility in the achievement of their aims.

Improving Structure of Home Healthcare Organization

The structure of your home healthcare facility has to be well developed in order to offer high-tech facilities to your patients. For achieving organization goals, you need to ensure that all the treatments are properly done. For making your home healthcare business successful, better facilities along with improved structure are essential.

For improving the reputation of your healthcare organization, you need to hire professional doctors and qualified staff. Your staff needs to be friendly, so that they can treat different types of patients according to the situation. Appointing experience nurses can reduce half of your work pressure.

For creating good image in the society, your organization needs to be perfect from interior as well as from exterior. You have to clarify your goals with your staff members and management, if you want your organization to be on top. Besides this, you can take advice from your staff regarding how to achieve these goals.

With different opinions and advices, you can create good image in your community and can understand your staff members. You can also make departments for getting your work done in a better way. You can ask your employees about what position they desire to work, as it can lift your organization reputation.

This will allow your employees to work freely and perfectly, as they can perform their interested work. Also, make sure that you offer regular promotions in order to keep your staff members in touch with your organization. You can promote employee according to performance and qualification.

With this way, you can understand better about your management and employees. Your staff can play a major role in promoting your organization on top. Thus, make sure that you pay attention on both staff as well as patients, if you want to make your home healthcare facility successful.

Home Healthcare and the Value of it in the Modern World

With people living longer the aged are prone to many diseases which are sometimes difficult to treat because of a decline in their mental capabilities. They have to be assisted with the preparation of meals, shopping and marketing, settling their utility bills and numerous other tasks which they find difficult to deal with on their own. Some of them even have to be washed and dressed when they are not in a position to attend to these basic necessities on a daily basis.

Home Healthcare is for such people who can remain in their own homes and be looked after instead of being institutionalized in nursing homes and hospitals where they might feel depressed, lonely and isolated from their loved ones.

Home healthcare also includes skilled nursing where a patient with a specific illness will be treated in the same way they are treated in a hospital with medicine given at the proper times and other treatments taken care of, by the resident nurse or care giver. With most old people suffering from some disease such as arthritis, heart and lung diseases, and other debilitating illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, round the clock care is necessary to make sure of their safety and well.

Looking after the terminally ill or those with chronic illnesses is not an easy task for relatives and family members, especially with almost everyone going to work or school and returning home only late in the evening. Furthermore, most of these patients need professional care which the family is unable to provide and as such, they have to either hospitalize the patient or provide home healthcare for him. Relatives also feel more at ease if the patient is at home being well looked after instead of having him put in a hospital with no one of his own nearby.

In order to get certain Government home healthcare benefits the doctor is the one who decides if the patient can be cared for at home, whether he needs skilled nursing or any other treatment such as massages or therapy. There are however many private home healthcare systems that provide all these and are mostly customized to suite the needs of the relevant patient and the family. These plans are available not only for those with medial conditions which need treatment and medication as well as professional nursing, but also for those who do not need medical care but has to be looked after due to their inability to walk or talk or do things on their own or simply due to old age.

While private medical care can be extremely expensive, non medical home healthcare can be obtained from a private company who has workers trained to look after the old and the infirm. It is always better to look around before settling for any particular company. Check and see how long they have been in the business and what sort of experience their workers have and also if possible, try to find out how reliable and honest they are. Usually a non-medical home healthcare company will give a better service at a very reasonable rate than the medical home healthcare service companies.

Paying a little extra to a genuine career who knows his work and is kind to the patient is worth it in the long run because the whole point in providing such care is to make sure your loved one is well looked after and happy.